Sisi Bolatini is an Amsterdam born native, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator that has lived in the UAE, traveled the world, and was once known as Sisi The Traveling Turbanista.

As a child to Moroccan parents that migrated to The Netherlands, Sisi was a vibrant, enthusiastic, and ambitious girl that dreamed of traveling the world and unknown to her would be destined to do it. Growing up in Amsterdam, Sisi was always obsessed with fashion from a young age and tried her best to keep up with the trends despite her humble beginnings. After she graduated from University she spontaneously received the opportunity of a lifetime to migrate to Abu Dhabi, UAE which allowed her to travel the world. Through her travels she quickly became an inspiration to young girls and women as she wore her turban as it gave her a sense of confidence and pride for being a young, independent, and curious woman. As time went on Sisi realised that her Turban gave her the courage to pursue and achieve the dreams she had as young child and by embracing her turban she became a representation of empowerment for women of all ages and ethnicities. Through this journey, Sisi was inspired and compelled to create her own brand and from there Bolatini was born.

Bolatini turbans are made from material that are tastefully selected by Sisi herself using Oeko-Tex fabrics that are safe, high quality, and sustainable for the conscious consumer. Each turban is then professionally and individually hand crafted by an expert tailor and inspected for quality before being steam cleaned and prepared for delivery. 

Choosing the Bolatini brand represents a statement of luxury, quality, and confidence.

We are proudly

  • Soft Fabric

    Wrinkle Resistant, comfortable & breathable fabric.

  • Lightweight

    Great for events , special occasions or as everyday styling if you feel like it.

  • All Day Comfort

    You can wear all day with comfort and breathable fabrics.